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Types of Carrot

Types of CarrotThere are hundreds of carrot varieties, which can be divided into two main types: Eastern or Asiatic carrots and Western or Carotene carrots. Seed companies often bring out new varieties of carrots every year, perfecting the breed for every area, climate and market. Below are the general types of carrots and some varieties and examples.

Eastern carrots

Eastern on Asiatic carrots have purple, sometimes yellow roots and are also called anthocyanin carrots. They are mostly found in Russia, Afghanistan, India, and Iran, and hence the name. Their pubescent leaves have a grey-green color and tend to bolt easily. While they are still cultivated in Asia, they are being replaced by orange rooted Western varieties.

Western carrots

Orange, red, or white rooted, Western or carotene carrots is likely a hybrid of yellow Eastern carrots, wild subspecies from the Mediterranean, and white carrots. They are distinguished by their bright green, hairy foliage, dissected leaves, and un-branched roots. They are the most popular type of carrot available and sold all over the world and can be sub-divided into three kinds: short-rooted, medium-rooted, and long-rooted.

Short-rooted varieties

These types mature quickly and are the first to be sown. Some popular kinds of short-rooted carrot varieties include Early French Frame, Tiana, Amsterdam Forcing, Early Nantes, and Champion Scarlet Horn.

Medium-rooted varieties

Medium-rooted carrots are the most common type of carrots that are grown and sold commercially. Some examples of medium-rooted carrot varieties include Mokum, Flakkee, Autumn King, Red Cored, Chantenay, and Royal Chantenay.

Long-rooted varieties

Usually prepared and grown in deep-soils, popular long-rooted carrot varieties include Saint Valery and New Red Intermediate.

Golf-ball type

Also known as Thumbelina, golf-ball type carrots are a little longer than Chantenays (medium-rooted carrot variety) and are typically grown in containers and in heavy soils. Because they are short, they tend to mature faster and are ideal for home gardening since they yield fast results and can be harvested and enjoyed in no time.

True baby carrots

Small, tender and sweet, baby carrots are harvested earlier than normal so that they remain a petite size. Often used to garnish French dishes, baby carrots are sold with their green still on. They look like a standard carrot only they are smaller.


A carrot with a maroon or purple skin color and a deep orange and maroon inner flesh, maroon carrot variety has a subtly sweet apple-like flavor making it a wonderful addition to salads, appetizers, and desserts. It also makes a delicious juice.


A hybrid carrot with a smooth and rich canary yellow skin, Yellowstone has a sweet taste and a nice crunchy texture. It is ideal for children.

Eastern Carrots

Eastern Carrots

Eastern or Asiatic carrots are ancient carrots cultivated in [...]

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Western Carrots

Western Carrots

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